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July/August 2024

Welcome to EQMM! Featuring the world’s most celebrated crime writers alongside brilliant new voices. Cutting-edge content includes suspense thrillers, whodunits, and noir, reviews, and an editor’s blog. Join us … if you dare!

Murder Can’t Stop De Carnival
Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier

The Bijoux Bird
Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens

The Midnight Caller
Jay Randall

The Tragedy of Black Swan Lodge
Alice Arisugawa

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In EQMM’s September/October 2024 issue, we usher in the spooky season with monsters real and metaphorical. In “Knock-Knock” by Sarah Hilary, a woodworking apprentice…



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Welcome to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. My editorship of EQMM began in the summer of 1991 following a call from then editor Eleanor Sullivan, who was helping in the search for her successor. I was mystery-fiction editor at Walker & Company at the time, and had charge of a series of anthologies of EQMM stories. The connection would provide an entrée to a whole new world of publishing.

Launched in 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. EQMM offers outstanding literary quality, an expansive reach across the whole range of mystery and crime fiction, and a global orientation in its story selection.

Meet Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine’s authors! In addition to discovering an impressive Who’s Who of internationally renowned writers, you’ll learn about authors in the current issue, read what they have to say at the EQMM blog, and more. Visit often—there’s always something new!

The July/August 2024 issue of EQMM ushers in sun-drenched celebrations with Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier’s “Murder Can’t Stop De Carnival,” set in the Virgin Islands and featuring several generations of carnival royalty in a motorcade turned treacherous, before moving on to stories where the road becomes even more dangerous: see “Off-Ramps” (by Brendan DuBois) and “Nate’s Initiation” (W. Edward Blain). The plot doesn’t take a smooth path for a young couple in “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Sharyn Kolberg either, or for a grandson mining the mysteries of his family’s activist past in “Redbeard” by Matthew Wilson, set amidst COVID and protests in the Pacific Northwest.

Get the latest news, enjoy stories only available here, check out Editor Janet Hutchings’ blog, enjoy engaging podcasts, view the photo gallery of EQMM personalities. Check it out.

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Murder Can’t Stop De Carnival
by Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier

My Grandma Lolo keeps a framed photograph in her kitchen of the very first St. Thomas Carnival—the one where the revelers, consumed by glitter and sequins and the thrill of pageantry and rum, met with an unexpected rainstorm. She’s an octogenarian now, but Lolo still tells that story like she’s devouring the plumpest mango from her tree, savoring each word like it’s a juicy bite. The year was 1952. The island was growing into its place on the global stage, taking its first tentative step into the kind of cultural extravaganza that islands like Trinidad had been pulling off for years. Lolo was little then, but she remembers the dark clouds rolling in and the downpour they’d unleashed on the parade. It had washed away makeup and destroyed hairdos, turned the festive streets of downtown Charlotte Amalie into a soggy mess. READ MORE


Art from

The Bijoux Bird
by Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens


The British navy’s blockade of Nassau Harbor transformed the mood of the pirate republic from drunken revelry into sheer panic. With the harbor’s mouth closed, and the mouths of men open in ragged-toothed outrage, the response of the Ranger’s captain, Charles Vane, proved typically demented.

His long black leather coat flapping like a cape, the pirate skipper ordered his men to load a recently captured brigantine with lamp oil, rope, and extra sails, anything flammable. He bade them double-load the cannon, knowing the big guns when heated up would fire in a random and deadly fashion. Then the crew slathered the entire cargo—the ship’s decks, sails, and all—in viscous black tar. READ MORE

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