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Myrna Loy Versus the Third Reich
William Burton McCormick

Desperate House Wines
Marilyn Todd

Servant of the Gentle
Sandeep Sandhu

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EQMM’s September/October issue ushers in autumn with specters of all kinds. In “No Peace for the Wicked” by Martin Edwards, a dead woman hovers around those left behind to discover her killer.

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Over 75 Years of Awards

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Edgar, Agatha, Barry, Derringer, Arthur Ellis, Robert L. Fish, Macavity, Shamus, Thriller, Anthony, and more. 


Welcome to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. My editorship of EQMM began in the summer of 1991 following a call from then editor Eleanor Sullivan, who was helping in the search for her successor. I was mystery-fiction editor at Walker & Company at the time, and had charge of a series of anthologies of EQMM stories. The connection would provide an entrée to a whole new world of publishing.

Launched in 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. EQMM offers outstanding literary quality, an expansive reach across the whole range of mystery and crime fiction, and a global orientation in its story selection. 

Meet Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine’s authors! In addition to discovering an impressive Who's Who of internationally renowned writers, you'll learn about authors in the current issue, read what they have to say at the EQMM blog, and more. Visit often—there's always something new!

What can we really know about reality when we’re separated from it by electronic and other barriers? That’s the question for characters in EQMM’s July/August 2022 issue. In “The Secret Sharer” by W. Edward Blain, a professor experiences the world through a virtual classroom. . .

Get the latest news, enjoy stories only available here, check out Editor Janet Hutchings’ blog, enjoy engaging podcasts, view the photo gallery of EQMM personalities. Check it out.

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An Inside Look

Art by www.shutterstock.com

Myrna Loy Versus the Third Reich 

by William Burton McCormick

1938, Berlin

Irma Sauer could not sleep. Speaker-amplified Russian voices penetrated her apartment’s walls, the Slavic words slipping under the door and through the vents to disturb her modest dreams. Four o’clock in the morning and Irma had been tossing and turning all night, listening to those gathered in the next room watch an advance copy of Sergei Eisenstein’s historical epic Alexander Nevsky on the Cinema Club’s projector. Irma had given up and gone to bed after the second showing. Asked her husband Otto, the organizer and projectionist, to turn down the volume for safety’s sake. Yes, Eisenstein was a genius. The world acknowledged that brilliance after Battleship Potemkin. But Eisenstein was also a communist. And it was risky to watch the films of communists too loudly in Berlin. READ MORE



excerpt2_Desperate-House-WinesArt by Shutterstock.com

Desperate House Wines

by Marilyn Todd

Benjamin Hardcastle didn’t know much about women. If he had, he wouldn’t have invited his wife, his girlfriend, and his estranged daughter to spend the weekend in an obscure vineyard in the southwest of France. Leastways, not all at the same time.    

He might also have warned them that this wasn’t any old obscure vineyard in the southwest of France. It was his. He’d bought it with the proceeds of his lottery win and wanted them to share his excitement.

Unfortunately, investments was another flair outside Benjamin Hardcastle’s sphere of expertise. As a small, independent supplier of wines to local restaurants, there was a reason why Le Château d’Aphrodite was going cheap. Ravaged by the COVID crisis, when restaurants closed for months, putting many out of business in the process, the vineyard was in deep, dark, dire financial straits. And it didn’t help that the closest thing Benjamin knew about winemaking was how to open a bottle. READ MORE



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