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Kristopher Zgorski 

True Crime Diva ( is the personal blog of Debra Buck—a true crime enthusiast, natch! Readers can stop by this blog to find out information about all kinds of true crimes, both past and present. The Diva gives visitors a menu of options across the top, including “historical,” “missing,” “unsolved,” and then a catch-all “other” category that contains examples of bizarre cases, celebrity crimes, suspicious deaths, and more. There is also a link for the “Diva’s Nook,” where Debra will allow herself to pontificate on topics that stray a bit from the crime element, but which are still relevant and interesting to society today. This section looks like it may eventually also include reviews/analysis of TV shows as well. In an inspired decision, the “missing” section divides things up between adult and child victims, so that those who are sensitive can mitigate their risks while exploring the blog. Each true crime case starts with a detailed outline of the known facts and then ends with the True Crime Diva’s thoughts on the case. Both sections are well done and contain salient points, but visitors will have to decide for themselves if they want facts or opinions—or as is most likely, a healthy blend of the two.

The Civilian Reader’s ( blog really began to take shape in early 2013 with more regular posting and has remained fairly consistent ever since. As with many blogs, the posting rate may have slowed down slightly, but the quality of the posts has grown over time, so it is a worthwhile trade-off. The Civilian Reader covers mainly—but not exclusively—crime fiction, thrillers, fantasy, and the like. While the content is more commonly excerpts from new releases and news items about upcoming books, this is a great source for discovering what titles have some buzz in the blogger community. There are “quick reviews” on occasion, and truthfully, those are more in-depth than the quick-review category might imply. One of the best posts appears every two months and features a graphic with the covers of 30+ books being released in the new two-month span. This is a great way to discover new books of interest and helps to prove that covers really are important for grabbing the reader’s attention. This blog also shares some content related to movies and television shows that will likely appeal to those readers who primarily stick with crime-related entertainment.

I have been redoing my home office for the last two months, and this next suggestion is one that might appeal to those who are looking to create a more functional workspace at home. is a blog-hosting site and there you can find “Tips for Building the Perfect Home Office.” Everything from ergonomics and lighting options to brainstorming corners and useful apps are covered, along with discussions of how to manage work/life balance—something that is so vital when those two locations begin to blur together.

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