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by Kristopher Zgorski

Mystery and Suspense ( is the online companion to the magazine of the same name. They have new content almost daily, so even if you are not a subscriber you will find much to explore here. Their content is broken down into expected sections: Features, Interviews, and Reviews. They look at the genre from both the reader’s and writer’s perspectives, so it is not uncommon to find a craft tip one day (i.e. planting clues) and an overview of tropes (i.e. priests in crime fiction) the next. Several of their pages also break things down by subgenre, making it easier to find topics of interest in that manner. They are also one of the few websites that include Horror in their coverage, as technically it is a form of suspense. The author interviews tend to be timely (often scheduled to coincide with a new release) and endlessly interesting. It’s clear that all the staff have a genuine interest in the genre and the historical background to make valuable contributions to the exploration of every avenue possible.

Sleuths and Sidekicks ( is a newer author-collective blog. Longtime followers of this column will know how much I enjoy these types of endeavors and the wealth of resources they can provide. Sleuths and Sidekicks is the brainchild of Tina deBellegarde, Jen Collins Moore, Carol Pouliot, and Lida Sideris. Their “What We’re Reading” posts alone are worth the visit. These women are about as well-read as they come, and it’s great to see what books are garnering their attention each month. For the writers out there, this gang regularly posts a writing prompt (such as a photo) sending creative minds down the path of discovery. Their Bookclub posts, where all four read the same book and give their opinions, are fascinating as an exploration of how tastes and interests can influence the enjoyment of reading. Of course, they also spotlight their own books—a given in these days where every marketing opportunity must be leveraged—but they always offset that by celebrating the works of their colleagues in the community as well.

As one would expect from the nation’s library, the website for the Library of Congress ( is full of useful, fascinating, and unexpected information. On their blog alone you just never know what you will stumble upon. Most recently, things like a profile of Ernest Hemingway with photos of his home or a recap of George Saunders accepting a literary award. Everything links back to what is in the archives of the library, helping readers to understand the role of the LOC. Another great resource is their collection of event videos that document talks at the library and the National Book Festival. A recent visit by Louise Penny in conversation with Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden is likely to be of interest to EQMM readers. You can also browse the Library’s collection, which contains upwards of twenty million items of record.

© 2024 by Kristopher Zgorski

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