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by Kristopher Zgorski

Some websites are so ubiquitous that they seem pointless to mention, however the truth is that not all readers are constantly surfing the Internet looking for book- and publishing-related sites. So let me point you toward Book Riot (, a massive online presence that all readers should be familiar with. It would be pointless to try to distill all that Book Riot has to offer into one short paragraph, but just one visit will unlock the wealth of information and fun this website has in store for the reading public. Across the top menu bar, you will find various genres on which to drill down your search—with Mystery/Thriller being the most relevant for EQMM readers. This will open an array of reviews, articles, lists, and more. Visitors can sign up for countless newsletters that will deliver relevant material to your e-mail box several times a week. The #bookfetish section curates some of the most unique book-related gifts you can find online—perfect for any occasion. The folks at Book Riot also scour the Internet to find deals that offer lower prices on books, saving you both time and money. They have several simultaneous contests running that offer the chance to win ARCs, finished books, and even the occasional bookish trip. Book Riot hosts its own podcast, which also features fascinating authors and useful information. All this and it barely scratches the surface of what Book Riot has to offer.

Dead Good ( is similar to Book Riot, only the website is based in the U.K. Like Book Riot, the website is chock full of reviews, articles, and extracts, in this case all dedicated to crime fiction. They also feature a very extensive Film/Television section that highlights upcoming and classic movies and shows that fall under the greater umbrella of crime. Since it is based in the U.K., the price-break deals and contests are only available to U.K. citizens, but Dead Good remains a good source for discovering buzz books for everyone, regardless of location.

Song Facts ( may seem like an odd website to highlight in a book-related column, however there is a long tradition of crime-inspired songs, and the link between music and crime fiction has always been a strong one. On this site, you can search a song (like the classic “Long Black Veil”) and find out all kinds of interesting facts about the inspiration for the song, interpretation of the lyrics, and cultural-relevance information. Each entry includes songwriter details as well as lists of significant cover versions, information about the music video (if applicable), and award recognition achieved by the tune. The database of songs continues to grow, making this a resource that will only become more valuable as time goes on.


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