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Next Issue

With the November/December 2021 issue of EQMM, we close out our 80th year of continuous publication. Thank you for celebrating with us!

As one of the year’s closing treats, we are thrilled to bring readers a never-before-published Amelia Peabody tale by Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara Mertz), “The Vengeance of Sekhmet,” and fans of the original Ellery Queen stories will find a reprint of one of the most ingenious of them, “The Broken T.”

72 years after the Department of First Stories emerged in EQMM’s pages, we bring in two new authors for their first publications: Eleanor Gonnella (with the clever “Another Temptation”) and Barbara B. Green (with the suspenseful “30 Ackerian Place”). The Black Mask Department ran in EQMM from 1953-1973 and was reinstated in 2008; this issue, a familiar name—Doug Allyn—appears under the masks, writing a bit darker than usual in “Hit and Run.” Sunil Mann’s Glauser Prize-winning “The Patsy” travels from Germany to the Passport to Crime Department (which has been a part of our pages for 18 years).

We welcome back to EQMM after a long hiatus Pam Barnsley with her confessional tale “What Can You Do?”, and we present for the first time two award-winning authors: William Boyle with “Jianjun Ling and the Sad Case of Sonny La Grassa” and Bruce McAllister with “1952,” both of which juxtapose the earnestness of childhood with very adult crimes. Another newcomer to EQMM is Victor Kreuiter, who resumes fiction writing after a decades-long interval with the experimental “We’re in This Together, Aren’t We?”.

Readers will also recognize repeat contributors with stories that include kidnapping (Pat Black’s “Wing Man,” Michael Wiley’s “The Best of Times,” and Scott William Carter’s “Ask Hagan”), revenge (Anna Scotti’s “The Longest Pleasure”), haunting (“Death and the Coyote” by John Lantigua), and revelation (Hal Charles’s “The Reawakening”).

In the issue’s final pages we ring in the holiday season with four tales set amidst the winter festivities: “The Disappearing Man” by Sharon Hunt, “The Smiler” by Dennis McFadden, “The Debtor” by C.H. Hung, and “Number 10 Marlborough Place” by Elizabeth Elwood. Stranger Than Fiction by Dean Jobb (our newest column), the technological Blog Bytes by Kristopher Zgorski, and the long-running and famed The Jury Box by Steve Steinbock all have stellar entries this issue. Don’t miss casting your vote on the EQMM Readers Award ballot! We want your input on what we’ve published this year, as it will help us enter the next.

Look for our November/December 2021 issue on sale at newsstands on October 19, 2021. Or subscribe to EQMM in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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