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In keeping with our founding editor’s mission to represent the expanse of mystery fiction and showcase literary quality, EQMM’s 80th-anniversary issue contains a diverse mix of 17 stories, two forms of verse, a letter from the editor, and three columns.

We bring you a variety of stars, from those well known in the world of mainstream and literary fiction such as Jerome Charyn (“White Chocolate”) and Juliet Grames (“The Very Last Time”) to those who write across many genres, including Kristine Kathryn Rusch (“DNF”), Emmy Award-winning TV writer Matt Goldman (“Sixteen Lies),” MWA Grand Master Bill Pronzini (“Why Did You Do It?”), Anthony Award winner Hilary Davidson (“Weed Man”), and the U.K.’s Jane Jakeman (“Trick or Treat”).

Several favorite series characters are here too: Julian Hall in “Non Absolvo” by David Dean, Magistrate Ovid in “The Stain of Memory” by Thomas K. Carpenter, Antonia Darcy in “To Slay a Stranger” by R.T. Raichev,” Santa Ezeri┼ća in “Demon in the Depths” by William Burton McCormick, and Owen Burns in the impossible-crime tale “The Celestial Thief” by Paul Halter (Passport to Crime). John F. Dobbyn’s Yukon story in verse (“Nugget”) belongs to a series that debuted in EQMM 42 years ago!

This issue’s newcomers to EQMM include Department of First Stories authors M. Zizzari (“Rage and Ruin”) and Denis Johnston (“Snail Mail”), plus Sandy Smith with the high-tension “Meals on Wheels.”

Our Black Mask department features the classic “Dig Down Deep” by Frances Beck, and in a feat of virtuosity Trey Dowell presents an espionage thriller (“The Problem With Fish Markets”) in just over two pages!

There’s a roundup of mystery media in the Blog Bytes and Jury Box columns, and the newest installment of our true crime column Stranger Than Fiction covers a French con woman from the 1920s.

The formula for EQMM hasn’t changed much over the years, and neither has our gratitude to our writers and readers—especially those who’ve stuck with us through the current pandemic!

Look for our September/Oct 2021 issue on sale at newsstands on August 17, 2021. Or subscribe to EQMM in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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