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EQMM HIghlights

A year-by-year rundown of significant events in EQMM history:


1941:  EQMM debuts as quarterly, Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay) editor; designer George Salter cover

1942:  EQMM goes bimonthly; John Dickson Carr and Agatha Christie stories in first U.S. publication

1943:  New story by Lillian de la Torre (pioneer of the historical mystery)

1944:  The magazine is divided into departments by theme

1945:  Overseas editions for US troops appear

1946:  EQMM goes monthly; first EQMM short story contest, with a new short story by William Faulkner, one of the prize winners; a series by Pulitzer Prize winner T.S. Stribling begins; Howard Haycraft’s “Speaking of Crime” column begins.

1947:  First EQMM appearance Jack Finney, Edmund Crispin, Harry Kemelman; EQ wins Edgar for “editing numerous anthologies and EQMM”; Howard Haycraft wins Edgar for EQMM column

1948:  EQMM begins accepting novels and novelettes; John Dickson Carr novelette The Third Bullet appears; first work in English of Jorge Luis Borges appears; stories by Stanley Ellin and Lee Hays (The Weavers) appear

1949:  Department of First Stories begins; Anthony Boucher begins as EQMM columnist and wins Edgar for Outstanding Mystery Criticism


1950:  EQ wins Edgar for “ten years’ service” at EQMM; new A.A. Milne and P.G. Wodehouse stories

1951:  EQMM wins Special Edgar for “Queen’s Quorum” (125 most important short-story collections)

1952:  Anthony Boucher wins Special Edgar for columns in EQMM

1953:  EQMM buys Black Mask Magazine—it appears in EQMM until 1970 as a special department

1954:  Milton Glaser cover appears; new Ray Bradbury story appears; Richard Levinson and William Link appear in Department of First Stories; Stanley Ellin wins Edgar for EQMM story

1955:  New EQMM Margery Allingham series begins; Philip Macdonald wins Edgar for EQMM story

1956:  New story by Orson Welles (first U.S. publication); Stanley Ellin wins Edgar for EQMM story

1957:  Anthony Boucher’s “Best Mysteries of the Month” column begins; De Forbes given a special award in EQMM short-story contest. New story by Agatha Christie appears.

1958:  Cornell Woolrich appears with his first new story in EQMM; first appearances in EQMM with new stories of Poul Anderson, Francis and Richard Lockridge, and Christianna Brand.

1959:  EQMM joins forces with the University of Texas on a Short Story Workshop; publishes EQ students


1960:  Ellery Queen named MWA Grand Master; Robert L. Fish appears in Department of First Stories; new stories by Arthur C. Clarke and Evan Hunter (Ed McBain); EQMM story wins Outstanding Western award

1961:  New stories by Dashiell Hammett and Geoffrey Household appear in 20th anniversary issue; Avram Davidson wins Edgar for EQMM story

1962:  New Nero Wolfe novelette by Rex Stout appears; new stories appear for first time from Lilian Jackson Braun, William Bankier, and Edward D. Hoch.

1963:  John Dickson Carr’s acclaimed critical essay “The Grandest Game in the World” appears

1964:  First EQMM appearance Donald E. Westlake; Lawrence Treat wins Edgar for EQMM story

1965:  New story appears by famous dancer-choreographer Katherine Dunham.

1966:  Issues contain the first Ellery Queen short novel in four years.

1967:  Christianna Brand wins EQMM-CWA Contest; EQMM wins MWA’s Raven Award.

1968:  P.D. James appears in EQMM for the first time and wins the EQMM-CWA contest.

1969:  Joe Gores wins Edgar for EQMM story; John Dickson Carr takes over “Best Mysteries of the Month”


1970:  New Ed McBain novel appears; first EQMM appearance Isaac Asimov; H.R.F. Keating appears and wins EQMM-CWA contest; John Dickson Carr’s column becomes “The Jury Box”

1971:  Manfred B. Lee (Ellery Queen) dies; Michael Harrison article with a Sherlockian discovery appears

1972:  David Morrell (later of Rambo fame) and Dick Lochte appear in Department of First Stories; Joyce Harrington wins Edgar for EQMM story

1973:  First EQMM appearances Ruth Rendell and Bill Pronzini (solo); Black Mask sold, reappears 2008

1974:  Ruth Rendell wins Edgar for EQMM story

1975:  Ellery Queen’s Mystery Newsletter” begins; Ruth Rendell wins Edgar for EQMM story

1976:  Etta Revesz wins Edgar for EQMM story

1977:  Jon L. Breen takes over The Jury Box; first EQMM appearance Lawrence Block; Thomas Walsh wins Edgar for EQMM story

1978:  Barbara Owens wins Edgar for EQMM story

1979:  First EQMM appearance Peter Lovesey


1980:  New Stephen King story appears; Clark Howard appears and wins Edgar for EQMM story; Lawrence E. Spivak wins Special Edgar as “founding publisher of EQMM”

1981:  Jack Ritchie wins Edgar for EQMM story

1982:  Editor Frederic Dannay (Ellery Queen) dies; Eleanor Sullivan begins as EQMM’s editor

1983:  Edgar to Ruth Rendell for EQMM story; Lilly Carlson story in EQMM wins first Robert L. Fish Memorial Award; Allen J. Hubin takes over “The Jury Box”; MWA founds Ellery Queen Award

1984:   First short story in English by Gregory McDonald, creator of Fletch, appears

1985:  The EQMM Readers Award begins, and goes to Clark Howard

1986:  Eleanor Sullivan wins Ellery Queen Award

1987:  Robert Barnard wins Anthony and Macavity awards for EQMM stories; Nancy Pickard appears in Department of First Stories

1988:  Robert Barnard wins Edgar for EQMM story; Linda O. Johnston wins Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for EQMM story; first EQMM appearance Doug Allyn; Jon L. Breen returns to The Jury Box

1989:  Joel Davis (publisher of EQMM) wins Ellery Queen Award.


1990:  Lynne Barrett wins the Edgar for EQMM story; first EQMM appearance Phyllis Diller

1991:  Editor Eleanor Sullivan dies; Janet Hutchings begins as editor

1992:  First EQMM appearance Joyce Carol Oates; EQMM stories win American Mystery, Robert L. Fish Memorial, and Semana Negra awards

1993:  First EQMM appearances Ian Rankin and Ed Gorman

1994:  EQMM stories win Robert L. Fish Memorial, Macavity, and Shamus awards; First EQMM appearances Ann Cleeves and Peter Robinson

1995:  Jean B. Cooper wins Edgar for EQMM story; Ian Rankin wins the Dagger Award for EQMM story; first EQMM appearance Jeffery Deaver

1996:  David Vaughn wins Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for EQMM story; new Anne Perry story appears; first EQMM appearances Val McDermid and Marcia Muller

1997:  Edward D. Hoch co-wins Anthony Award for EQMM story; Carolyn Hart first appears EQMM

1998:  EQMM stories win Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, Arthur Ellis, and Robert L. Fish awards

1999:  EQMM stories win Anthony and Derringer awards; Jon L. Breen wins Ellen Nehr Award


2000:  Peter Robinson wins Edgar for EQMM story; EQMM stories win Anthony, Macavity, Shamus, and Derringer awards

2001:  Edward D. Hoch named MWA Grand Master; first appearances Charlaine Harris, Margaret Maron

2002:  Raymond Steiber wins Edgar for EQMM story; EQMM stories win Derringer and Arthur Ellis awards; Janet Hutchings co-wins Ellery Queen Award

2003:  Passport to Crime department begins; EQMM stories win Barry, Derringer, Macavity, and Robert L. Fish awards; Janet Hutchings wins Bouchercon Contributions to Field award

2004:   EQMM runs tie-ins to Secret Window movie, based on Stephen King story about EQMM writer, including interviews with King and Timothy Hutton; EQMM stories win Derringer and Macavity awards

2005:  EQMM celebrates EQ centenary with special features; symposium and exhibit held at Columbia University; EQMM stories win Macavity, Barry, and Robert L. Fish Memorial awards

2006:  Special “Salute to New Orleans” benefit issue appears, post Hurricane Katrina; EQMM stories win Arthur Ellis, Barry, and Robert L. Fish Memorial awards

2007:  EQMM stories win Agatha and Barry awards

2008:  Black Mask department reinstated; EQMM story wins Derringer; Janet Hutchings co-wins Poirot Award

2009:  EQMM stories win Shamus, Derringer, Arthur Ellis, and Thriller awards; Podcast series begins; EQMM’s first major digital editions appear in addition to the print format; Clark Howard wins Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer


2010:  Doug Allyn wins Edgar for EQMM story; EQMM stories win Agatha, Arthur Ellis, Barry, International Thriller, Robert L. Fish Memorial, Dagger, and Derringer awards

2011:  Peter Turnbull wins Edgar for EQMM story; EQMM stories win Agatha, Macavity, Anthony, Robert L. Fish, International Thriller, Shamus, and Derringer awards; Steve Steinbock begins as The Jury Box columnist

2012:  EQMM stories win Agatha, Anthony, and Derringer awards; Something Is Going to Happen, the EQMM editor’s blog, is launched

2013:  EQMM stories win Agatha, Macavity, Arthur Ellis, Thriller, and Colorado Authors’ League awards

2014:  EQMM stories win Agatha, Robert L. Fish Memorial, and Derringer awards

2015:  EQMM stories win Derringer, Thriller, and Robert L. Fish Memorial awards.

2016:  EQMM celebrates its 75th anniversary, with special issues and a Symposium held at Columbia University. The anniversary issue includes tales by Joyce Carol Oates, Jeffery Deaver, Charlaine Harris, Margaret Maron, and Peter Robinson and features a new cover by Milton Glaser. At this time, one story from EQMM has won the Robert L. Fish Memorial Award and one has been nominated for an Edgar Award.


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