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From The Editor

Welcome to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine!

My editorship of EQMM began in the summer of 1991 following a call from then editor Eleanor Sullivan, who was ill and helping in the search for her successor. At the time I was editor for mystery fiction for Walker & Company, and had charge of a series of anthologies of stories from EQMM. That serendipitous connection to EQMM was to open a whole new world of publishing to me. The magazine’s longstanding policy of editorial expansiveness meant that I inherited a publication in which not just mysteries in the traditional sense but almost any story that had at its core an element of suspense might find a home. It soon became apparent to me that the readership of EQMM was by no means limited to fans of the mystery and crime genre per se but included many readers who simply loved stories of high literary quality that explore the darker motives for human behavior. The wide range of fiction that EQMM publishes has enriched my experience as the magazine’s editor and I am confident that both the dedicated crime and mystery fan and the general reader will always find pleasure in our pages. Take a look and see for yourself!

— Janet Hutchings

About the Editor

Janet Hutchings is a co-winner of the Mystery Writers of America’s Ellery Queen Award and the Malice Domestic Convention’s Poirot Award, and in 2003 she was honored by the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention for contributions to the field. Under her editorship EQMM was named Best Magazine/Review Publication by Bouchercon 27 and in 2017 was celebrated by Bouchercon 48 for Distinguished Contribution to the Genre.

Janet began her career in publishing at the Doubleday Book Clubs, where her lifelong enjoyment of mysteries was enhanced by the opportunity to read for the Mystery Guild, to which virtually every mystery or crime novel scheduled for publication in the U.S. was submitted for possible inclusion. After a stint at another book club that included mysteries in its lineup, she became Mystery Editor for Walker & Company, where among her many authors was current New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris. A series of anthologies of stories from Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine was also part of her list at Walker, and this fortuitous connection to the magazine led to her being interviewed as a possible successor to EQMM editor Eleanor Sullivan—a position she has held since Eleanor’s death in 1991.

Among Janet’s contributions to EQMM’s contemporary lineup of world- class mystery and crime fiction is the Passport to Crime department, in which stories from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa are translated on a regular basis. In recognition of the contribution that department has played in bringing writers from around the world to the attention of the American public, Janet was honored by the New York branch of the International Association of Crime Writers.

From the Editor’s Desk

Catch Janet Hutchings at EQMM’s blog, where each week she hosts a mystery guest author, critic, or scholar of the mystery genre.

You can email Janet Hutchings at

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