The Crime Scene

Essential information for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine fans.


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Something Is Going to Happen Blog

Check out the blog! Each week an EQMM author, critic, or scholar of the mystery gives readers insights into mystery and crime fiction.


Readings and dramatizations of stories from the World’s Leading Mystery Magazine. Listen here.


The past year's annual index, listed alphabetically by author.

75 Years of EQMM

In 2016, in honor of EQMM’s 75th anniversary, Columbia University presented a symposium featuring some of the most distinguished figures in the world of mystery and crime fiction. Watch the video or listen to the podcasts to learn more about this storied magazine. Click here.

Stranger Than Fiction

A preview of Dean Jobb’s upcoming columns in each bi-monthly EQMM, with full text available free—and exclusively—here on our site! 

EQMM Web Only Stories

From time to time a story with visual elements is best experienced via the Web. Find some here.

Writer’s Guidelines

Essential information for Queen authors. Read this.


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