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Readers Awards

Since 1985, EQMM readers have selected their favorite stories in each year’s issues. Over the course of time, many types of stories have taken the top spots, from the crime-adventure tales of Clark Howard to the fantastical mysteries of James Powell to stories exhibiting clever misdirection by twist masters Peter Lovesey, Jan Burke, Edward D. Hoch, and Jeffery Deaver. They’ve been joined by tales of heart by multi-year winner Doug Allyn, historical works by authors such as Marilyn Todd and Miriam Grace Monfredo, the offbeat P.I. cases of Dave Zeltserman, and many more.

EQMM Readers Award Winners

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Barb Goffman won for “Dear Emily Etiquette” (9-10/20)
John M. Floyd, 2nd place for “Crow’s Nest” (1-2/20)
Gregory Fallis, 3rd place for “Terrible Ideas” (9-10/20)


David Dean won for “The Duelist” (5-6/19)
Paul D. Marks, 2nd place for “Fade-Out on Bunker Hill” (3-4/19)
Doug Allyn, 3rd place for “The Dutchy” (11-12/19)


Stacy Woodson won for “Duty, Honor, Hammett” (11-12/18)
Josh Pachter, 2nd place for “50” (11-12/18)
David Dean, 3rd place for “Sofee” (3-4/18)


Brendan DuBois won for “Flowing Waters” (1/17)
Doug Allyn, 2nd place for “Tombstone” (11-12/17)
Dave Zeltserman, 3rd place for “Cramer in Trouble” (3-4/17)


Paul D. Marks won for “Ghosts of Bunker Hill” (12/16)
Doug Allyn, 2nd place for “Puncher’s Chance” (6/16)
Doug Allyn, 3rd place for “The Dropout” (3-4/16)


Margaret Maron won for “We on the Train!” (5/15)
Brendan DuBois and William Hallstead tied for 2nd with “The Lake Tenant” (11/15) and “No Cabs After Midnight” (6/15), respectively
Lou Manfredo, 3rd for “Rizzo’s Good Cop” (12/15)


Doug Allyn won for “The Snow Angel” (1/14)
Marilyn Todd, 2nd for “Blood Red Roses” (9-10/14)
Miriam Grace Manfredo, 3rd for “The Tavern Keeper’s Daughter” (12/14)


Dave Zeltserman won for “Archie Solves the Case” (5/13)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “Borrowed Time” (9-10/13)
Marilyn Todd, 3rd for “The Wickedest Town in the West” (6/13)


Doug Allyn won for “Wood-Smoke Boys” (3-4/12)
David Dean, 2nd for “Mariel” (12/12)
Lia Matera, 3rd for “Champawat” (9-10/12)


P.N. Elrod won for “Beach Girl” (11/11)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “A Penny for the Boatman” (3-4/11)
Clark Howard, 3rd for “Hangman’s Rhapsody” (9-10/11)


Dave Zeltserman won for “Archie’s Been Framed” (9-10/10)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “The Scent of Lilacs” (9-10/10)
Doug Allyn, 3rd for “Days of Rage” (3/10)


Doug Allyn and Mick Herron tied for first for “An Early Christmas” (1/09) and “Dolphin Junction” (12/09), respectively
Clark Howard, 2nd for “White Wolves” (11/09)
Dave Zeltserman, 3rd for “Julius Katz” (9-10//09)


Kristine Kathryn Rusch won for “The Secret Lives of Cats” (7/08)
Doug Allyn, 2nd place for “The Sonnets of September” (7/08)
Brendan DuBois, 3rd place for “The Blue Plate Special” (3-4/08)


David Dean and Edward D. Hoch tied for first for “Ibrahim’s Eyes” (6/07) and “The Theft of the Ostracized Ostrich” (9-10/07), respectively
Dale C. Andrews and Kurt Sercu, 2nd for “The Book Case” (5/07)
Doug Allyn, 3rd for “Stone-Cold Christmas” (1/07)


L. Leigh won for “Swamped” (8/06)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “The Black Chapel” (9-10/06)
Edward D. Hoch, 3rd for “A Convergence of Clerics” (12/06)


Doug Allyn won for “Wolf Woman Bay” (6/05)
J.A. Konrath, 2nd for “With a Twist” (12/05)
Robert S. Levinson, 3rd for “Death Conquers All” (9-10/05)


Doug Allyn won for “The Gin Mill” (9-10/04)
Clark Howard, 2nd for “Deep Lock” (12/04)
Clark Howard, 3rd for “Tequila Memories” (6/04)


Doug Allyn won for “Palace in the Pines” (7/03)
Clark Howard, 2nd for “The Mask of Peter” (4/03)
Clark Howard, 3rd for “The Leper Colony” (8/03)


Jeffery Deaver won for “Without Jonathan” (11/02)
Edward D. Hoch, 2nd for “The Problem of Bailey’s Buzzard” (12/02)
Doug Allyn, 3rd for “Telephone to Forever” (7/02)


Peter Sellers won for “Avenging Miriam” (12/01)
David Handler, 2nd for “The Mondo Whammy” (9-10/01)
Neil Schofield, 3rd for “Groundwork” (11/01)


Doug Allyn won for “The Death Row Pet Show” (4/00)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “The Christmas Mitzvah” (12/00)
Donald Olson, 3rd for “Don’t Go Upstairs” (8/00)


Clark Howard won for “The Global Man” (12/99)
Michael A. Kahn, 2nd for “The Bread of Affliction” (9-10/99)
Minette Walters, 3rd for “The Tinder Box” (12/99)


Kristine Kathryn Rusch won for “Details” (12/98)
Barbara D’Amato, 2nd for “Of Course You Know That Chocolate Is a Vegetable” (11/98)
Joan Richter, 3rd for “Recipe Secrets” (9-10/98)


Jeffery Deaver won for “Double Jeopardy” (9-10/97)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “Copperhead Run” (6/97)
George C. Chesbro, 3rd for “The Problem with the Pigs” (6/97)


Doug Allyn won for “Roadkill” (5/96)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “Puppyland” (9-10/96)
Steven Saylor, 3rd for “The White Fawn” (12/96)


Doug Allyn and Jeffrey tied for first with “Franken Kat” (Mid-12/95) and “Gone Fishing” (10/95), respectively
Brendan DuBois, 2nd for “Heirlooms” (7/95)
Edward D. Hoch, 3rd for “The Killdeer Chronicles” (Mid-12/95)


Jan Burke won for “Unharmed” (Mid-12/94)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “Black Water” (10/94)
Doug Allyn, 3rd for “The Cross-Wolf” (Mid-12/94)


Doug Allyn won for “The Ghost Show” (12/93)
Steven Saylor, 2nd for “The House of the Vestals” (4/93)
Peter Lovesey, 3rd for “You May See a Strangler” (Mid-12/93)


Doug Allyn won for “Candles in the Rain” (11/92)
Jo Bannister, 2nd for “Howler” (10/92)
Doug Allyn, 3rd for “Icewater Mansions” (1/92)


Peter Lovesey won for “The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown” (5/91)
Clark Howard, 2nd for “Dark Conception” (10/91)
Peter Lovesey, 3rd for “Supper with Miss Shivers” (Mid-12/91)


Clark Howard won for “Deeds of Valor” (11/90)
Clark Howard, 2nd for “Challenge the Widow-Maker” (8/90)
Peter Massarelli, 3rd for “Once Upon a Time” (12/90)


James Powell won for “A Dirge for Clowntown” (11/89)
Doug Allyn, 2nd for “Star Pupil” (10/89)
Patricia Moyes, 3rd for “The Faithful Cat” (12/89)


Clark Howard won for “The Dakar Run” (8/88)
Peter Lovesey, 2nd for “The Wasp” (11/88)
Clark Howard, 3rd for “The Color of Death” (6/88)


Robert Barnard won for “The Woman in the Wardrobe” (12/87)
Ann Bayer, 2nd for “A Pleasure to Deal With” (11/87)
John F. Suter, 3rd for “That Man’s Moccasins Have Holes” (7/87)


Clark Howard won for “Scalplock” (7/86)
Thomas Adcock, 2nd for “Thrown-Away Child” (10/86)
Nell Lamburn, 3rd for “Tom’s Thatch” (7/86)


Clark Howard won for “Animals” (6/85)
Lawrence Block, 2nd for “Like a Bug on a Windshield” (10/85)
Clark Howard 3rd for “McCulla’s Kid” (9/85)

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