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by Kristopher Zgorski

There is certainly no shortage of websites and blogs out there, so it is always fun when you discover someone who finds a new and unique way to celebrate reading. Christine Gentes does just that with her Map Your Mystery blog ( It started out as an exploration of mystery novels set in each of the United States, but has since expanded to include settings worldwide and is perfect for both armchair travelers and those who might be planning a physical vacation to one of these locations. What better way to prepare for your trip than to read a novel set in that area? Not only will you get a feel for the environment and find out about local attractions, but you will do it while being entertained by a mysterious plot line. Christine also includes interviews along with her regular reviews.

This issue’s author collective spotlight is the Rogue Women ( blog. Listed alphabetically, this blog features thriller and suspense authors Lisa Black, Karna Bodman, Robin Burcell, Jamie Freveletti, Chris Goff, KJ Howe, Gayle Lynds, and S. Lee Manning. As with the best of these types of blogs, these women are at various stages of their careers and write across a variety of styles and tones within the thriller/suspense umbrella. Rogue Women began back in 2016, so the range of topics covered over the years has been vast. While they don’t have new content daily, there are always at least three to four fresh posts each week.

The Lambda Literary website ( is not specifically mystery-related, but it certainly never overlooks our beloved genre. Focused on works with LGBTQ+ themes, Lambda Literary tends to skew a bit more academic and scholarly in their feature articles and interviews, but their book reviews are reader focused and provide a varied selection of the hottest new titles for those looking to add some diversity to their book consumption. Among many other elements, there is also a very useful resources page that highlights LGBTQ+ bookstores, publishers, and organizations for those wanting to explore further.

The Book Depository ( is most often viewed as a retail outlet—and that is certainly one of its primary roles. If you are a fan of U.K. authors and don’t want to wait for the U.S. publication of your favorite author’s new novel, The Book Depository will get those books into your hands for a reasonable price and they offer free shipping. However, beyond retail, they are also a very useful source for reading-list information. With categories like the 2018 Man Booker Nominees, Back to School Reading, and Best Books Ever—to name just a brief selection of the current offerings—readers needing a way to boost their habit will find much to explore on this website.

Kathy Boone Reel also has a book-review blog called The Reading Room ( Focused almost primarily on the crime-fiction genre, Kathy runs reviews of new releases frequently, conducts interviews with various authors, features guest blog posts, and regularly updates her followers on the monthly release dates of a self-curated collection of titles from our favorite genre. As an attendee at some crime-fiction conventions, Kathy enjoys posting both pre- and post-convention updates to build excitement for those events

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