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by Kristopher Zgorski

The website currently on everyone’s mind is Crime Reads (, the new initiative from the folks behind Literary Hub. In a very short time, Crime Reads has proven itself to be the place to go for quality content from leading figures within our crime-fiction tribe. The masthead reads like a virtual who’s who from the crime-writing world and speaks to the caliber of the site’s curated content. With multiple posts daily, Crime Reads is a one-stop shop for information of various types—book excerpts, in-depth essays, incisive interviews, and so much more. Trust me when I say that once you visit one time, this website will quickly become a regular stop during your online browsing—the content is first class and unmissable. Extending its outreach via both Twitter and Facebook, Crime Reads is the hottest website of the moment.

The In Reference to Murder blog ( from BV Lawson is another must stop for fans of the genre. The “Media Murder for Monday” posts detail crime-related deals made and release dates set for movies, television, podcasts, and theater. This is the place you will first hear that your favorite novel is being adapted for another medium. The “Wednesday Melange” posts document other significant news developments within the genre for the previous week (award winners, conference details, book deals, and more). Fridays on the blog are reserved for discussion of “forgotten” books of the past, which is a nice way to reinvigorate interest in the genre’s history. Lastly, BV posts a writing-related quote each week, which is always inspiring. This just covers the “blog” portion of In Reference to Murder; there is also an extensive archive of other resources available on the sidebar, which fans should certainly explore when time allows.

Although previously mentioned by Bill Crider, it certainly bears repeating that if you are a cozy mystery fan and have not yet visited Dru Ann Love’s Dru’s Book Musings (, you are certainly in for a treat. Not only does Dru Ann provide short mini reviews—what she calls her musings—of the hottest new releases in the cozy subgenre, but her “Day in the Life” feature is not to be missed. That feature allows authors to explore what happens to their main character outside of the book’s plot. It is a great way for readers to learn more about the characters we love, but I suspect it also helps the authors themselves get to know these fictional folks they continue to bring to life for our entertainment. Dru Ann often does cover reveals, convention recaps, and has weekly lists of new releases. Dru Ann Love was awarded the MWA Raven Award in 2017 for good reason.

7 Criminal Minds ( is another of those excellent author-collective blogs. In this case, ten authors—two for each day of the workweek, on alternating schedules—handle the workload. The real hook here is that each week the blog sets forth one question and each day the various authors address that question in the way that is most meaningful for them. It works because it allows blog readers to get multiple perspectives on various topics—everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. 7 Criminal Minds does a great job of varying the topic of focus so that visitors are often surprised by what the question of the week turns out to be.


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