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by Bill Crider

I mention this magazine’s website every so often, but I haven’t emphasized the podcast page lately ( It’s one of the best features of the site, and it provides the pleasure of hearing authors read their own stories. In some of the most recent podcasts, Paul D. Marks, a winner of the EQMM Readers Award, reads “Ghosts of Bunker Hill,” E. Gabriel Flores reads her Department of First Stories tale, “The Truth of the Moment,” and Helena Edwards reads her first story, “If Anything Happens to Me.” There are many more stories and many more readings. Go by and enjoy a few of them.

Book Blog of the Bristol Library ( is something of a tongue-twister for me, but it’s an excellent site with “Reviews by the Reference Department of the Bristol Public Library, Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee.” The reviewers don’t always write about mysteries, but they do more often than not. Current reviews include Girl in Disguise by Greer Macallister and Here and Gone by Haylen Beck. Even when the reviews are of books other than mysteries, they make good reading and might even lead you to a new writer that you’ll enjoy. If you’re looking for a straightforward review site that does crime fiction, then take a look at The Butler Wrote It (, which should be just the thing you want. It has reviews of new books and is always timely and up to date. As of this writing, the most recent reviews are of Jeff Abbott’s Blame, Vivian Shaw’s Strange Practice, and Quintin Jardine’s Game Over. There will be a good many new ones by the time you read this, so scroll down the pages and you’re sure to find something to your taste.

Do you ever wonder how writers deal with rejection? It’s not easy for any writer to have work rejected for whatever reason, and I suspect that most of us have different ways of dealing with it. One way would be to blog about it, and that’s what you find at Rejectomancy ( “Writing, Rejection & Taking It Like a Pro.” Aeryn Rudel presents his rejections and successes in a monthly scorecard. Here’s the one for July: Submissions Sent: 5; Rejections: 2; Acceptances: 1. You can read more at the site, and there might well be another scoreboard there by the time you see this. Check it out.

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