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by Bill Crider

I’ve mentioned the Short Mystery Fiction Society in this space before, but I’ve never mentioned the society’s blog (, which you can read even if you’re not a member of the group. If you’d like to join, there’s a link provided for that. The blog itself is devoted to member news, links to short stories to be read online, guest posts about short fiction, and reviews of short fiction. If you have an interest in short crime and mystery fiction, this site is one to bookmark for regular reference.

Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room ( is about “mystery publishing, from idea to bookshelf.” It’s a multiauthor blog, with contributions from Jeff Cohen, Jessy Randall, Doris Ann Norris, Marilyn Manning Thiele, Terri Bischoff, Lynne Patrick, Erin Mitchell, and Cathy Genna, with occasional substitutions by others.

And sometimes there’s more than just info about writing and publishing, as when Jeff Cohen blogged about his bout with lymphoma and his chemo experience, or when someone chooses to review a book. It’s always lively and interesting, however, no matter what the topic is, and the blog is updated almost daily.

Mystery Tribune ( is a site that has a number of interesting things. The front page has articles, and news about books and movies, while other pages have author interviews and book reviews. Recent posts in the blog section include “7 Curious Facts about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on Sherlock Holmes Day,” “6 Best Ghost Thrillers Which Definitely Keep You Up At Night,” and “Top 7 Bestselling Mystery and Thriller Books Featuring Female Protagonists.” This is a good-looking, professional site, and there’s even a quarterly print version available.

I enjoy blogs with a lot of reviews because I often discover a new writer or book I’d like to read. Even if I don’t find anything like that, it’s always fun to read someone else’s opinion of a book I’ve read or heard of. Picks by Pat ( has “Book Reviews and Mystery News by a mystery writer who enjoys reading other mystery writers.” Patrick Balester presides over the blog, and recently he’s reviewed Patrick McLean’s The Soak and Reed Farrel Coleman’s Debt to Pay, a continuation of Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series. He also has a discussion of D.O.A., the 1950 movie starring Edmund O’Brien. Check it out.

Bill Crider’s latest novel is Survivors Will Be Shot Again (St. Martin’s Press).

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