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Blind Baseball
Doug Allyn

Lucky Stars
Karen Harrington

I Believe In You
Jeremiah K. Balko


Pedro Antão’s Glasses
Machado de Assis

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What can we really know about reality when we’re separated from it by electronic and other barriers? That’s the question for characters in EQMM’s July/August 2022 issue.  

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Welcome to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. My editorship of EQMM began in the summer of 1991 following a call from then editor Eleanor Sullivan, who was helping in the search for her successor. I was mystery-fiction editor at Walker & Company at the time, and had charge of a series of anthologies of EQMM stories. The connection would provide an entrée to a whole new world of publishing.

Launched in 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. EQMM offers outstanding literary quality, an expansive reach across the whole range of mystery and crime fiction, and a global orientation in its story selection. 

Meet Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine’s authors! In addition to discovering an impressive Who's Who of internationally renowned writers, you'll learn about authors in the current issue, read what they have to say at the EQMM blog, and more. Visit often—there's always something new!

EQMM’s May/June 2022 issue celebrates Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the spring season with signature mystery and mayhem. In “The Manglik Curse” by Smita Harish Jain, a daughter tries to bend her parents’ marriage traditions and her astrological fate to her will; in “Phoney Friend”...

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An Inside Look

Art by www.shutterstock.com

Blind Baseball 

by Doug Allyn

The roadside bomb was a beauty. Neatly wired, compact. First-rate workmanship. Good. Every tech’s nightmare is getting blown away by some kid’s cobble job.

This unit was cached in a schoolboy’s backpack, hidden under a cardboard box by the roadside. Four bricks of Semtex wrapped with duct tape, with its trigger—no, two triggers in plain view. The wiring was laid out in straight lines, the soldered joints sheathed in shrink tubes. Precise, professional work.

All good. And yet— READ MORE



excerpt2_Lucky-StarsArt by Shutterstock.com

Lucky Stars

by Karen Harrington

Milton says to me, “It’s been a long day. Get on over here and wash my feet.”

“Milton, I’m not.”

“This ain’t no negotiation. Remember last time?”

I get the bucket and fill it with soap and water. Because I remember last time.

When the filthy job is done, he says to get him some cold iced tea to drink. He sits outside like a king with bare feet. Says he likes to feel the grass underfoot. What I do is carry the bucket to the kitchen. I make him an iced tea with the dirty feet water, half and half. It’s hard not to laugh when I watch him down his own grit. READ MORE



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