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September/October 2022

Welcome to EQMM! Featuring the world’s most celebrated crime writers alongside brilliant new voices. Cutting-edge content includes suspense thrillers, whodunits, and noir, reviews, and an editor’s blog. Join us … if you dare!

The Wraith of Bunker Hill
Paul D. Marks

The Edinburgh Vampire
Jane Jakeman


Down the Mine
John Dziuban

Police Technique
Pierre Véry

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Coming in our November/December issue, Book Lovers by Hollis Seamon, Archie Smith: International Spy by Dave Zeltserman, Magic Beans by Meenakshi Gigi Durham, Marginalia by Simon Brett . . .



370 nominations from the breadth of the mystery genre

113 award-winning stories

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Welcome to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. My editorship of EQMM began in the summer of 1991 following a call from then editor Eleanor Sullivan, who was helping in the search for her successor. I was mystery-fiction editor at Walker & Company at the time, and had charge of a series of anthologies of EQMM stories. The connection would provide an entrée to a whole new world of publishing.

Launched in 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. EQMM offers outstanding literary quality, an expansive reach across the whole range of mystery and crime fiction, and a global orientation in its story selection.

Meet Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine’s authors! In addition to discovering an impressive Who’s Who of internationally renowned writers, you’ll learn about authors in the current issue, read what they have to say at the EQMM blog, and more. Visit often—there’s always something new!

EQMM’s September/October issue ushers in autumn with specters of all kinds. In “No Peace for the Wicked” by Martin Edwards, a dead woman hovers around those left behind to discover her killer. We welcome a lively skeleton to our pages with the EQMM debut of Leigh Perry’s series character Sid in “The Skeleton Rides a Horse,” set amongst fans of a TV Western. Ghosts appear within another fan community (those obsessed with the Black Dahlia), in Paul D. Marks’s “The Wraith of Bunker Hill.” John Dziuban’s “Down the Mine” (Department of First Stories) involves a haunting—or is it an hallucination?

Get the latest news, enjoy stories only available here, check out Editor Janet Hutchings’ blog, enjoy engaging podcasts, view the photo gallery of EQMM personalities. Check it out.


The Wraith of Bunker Hill 
by Paul D. Marks

I was in some kind of purgatory, trying to find my way in this in-between state that I’d found myself in. I still wandered the City of Angels in a state of confusion. I wandered, but I wasn’t alone. I could feel John Fante’s Bandini and Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe at my side. Sometimes I thought I could feel Fante and Chandler there too. You might say they aren’t real, but they’re real to me. I know they’re there. And I didn’t wander all the time. Mostly I kept an eye on my best friend, Howard Hamm, watching over his shoulder. READ MORE

The Edinburgh Vampire

by Jane Jakeman

Edinburgh, 191
It was a pleasant little private park, attractive to the owners of the fine houses backing onto it. Or rather, it would have been pleasant, were it not for the ominous long shape stretched out behind a clump of rhododendrons.

“I jus’ found her, right here,” gasped Angus McQuarry, the park keeper. He was still shocked, as well he might have been, for the thin young girl lying before the police officers was extraordinarily pale, as white as an alabaster monument. The face, the breasts, the thighs seemed quite unearthly, outlined against sable-black in the early-morning-light. READ MORE

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