Blog Bytes


by Kristopher Zgorski

Author collective blogs continue to be a popular way for writerly types to increase their visibility. Since the job of posting is divided up among a group of participants, the bulk of the workload does not fall on any one individual. Take for example, the Wicked Cozy Authors blog. This is a collective of six female cozy mystery writers—if you take into account their pen names, the list doubles—all with ties to the New England region. In addition, they have a few others who are regular contributors to the blog, each posting once a month. Like most collective blogs, the posts cover a wide swath of content, everything from the topics related to publishing to discussions of gardening, parenting, and crime conventions, but regardless of the topic, the tone is always light, breezy, and entertaining. The current Wicked Cozies are: Jessica Estevao (Jessie Crockett/Jessica Ellicott), Sherry Harris, J.A. Hennrikus (Julianne Holmes/Julia Henry), Edith Maxwell (Maddie Day), Liz Mugavero (Cate Conte), and Barbara Ross. (

Pop Culture Nerd ( is a fun website that passes along topics related to self-proclaimed “nerdy” stuff, including books, movies, and TV shows. While not solely crime-writing focused, content of interest to fans of the genre does dominate. Of particular note is the Nerdy Special List, which is a monthly collection of approximately five to six book reviews written by well-read bloggers highlighting gems from each month’s voluminous releases. This is a great list on which to find the most buzz-worthy titles in crime and beyond. Furthermore, Pop Culture Nerd’s coverage of TV and movies maintains the same high quality as the site’s book reviews.

Unlawful Acts ( is the popular blog by David Nemeth. This blog recently moved, so if readers lost track of it, please do seek out the new address above. Nemeth stands out as one of the few bloggers who focus mainly on small- and indie-press crime fiction. In our world where more books are published than any one person can ever hope to read, it is nice to have a notable and knowledgeable individual to single out those less heavily marketed books from smaller presses that readers should not miss. Along with his own reviews, Nemeth features a weekly post called Incident Report, where he gathers indie-related topics from other web sources for the convenience of his followers. David Nemeth is also highly active on Twitter and is well worth following on that social-media platform.

Novel Suspects ( is a blog from the Hachette Book Group. With an editorial board comprised of employees from all the various Hachette imprints, this blog has proven itself to be a must-read for crime-fiction fans in its relatively short existence. With quality content—mainly in the format of reading lists—gathered from their most popular and prolific authors, this blog is certain to add to many to-be-read piles. It is worth noting that much of their content aims at highlighting books they publish—especially the newest releases—but as long as one is aware of their bias, the information remains vital and valuable.


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