Blog Bytes

by Bill Crider

I’m well aware that I mentioned this magazine’s website in the last issue, but I have a good reason for mentioning it (and also Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine) again. Here’s the official announcement: “We’d like to invite you to visit Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine at their new and improved digital homes, where you’ll find breaking news, information on the magazines’ histories and editors, vintage-cover photo galleries, a look at upcoming issues, and more! Thank you for checking them out and for spreading the word.” Here are the links you’ll need. First, EQMM ( and then AHMM ( Be sure to take a look and let others know about the revamp.

If you can’t go to Hawaii this year, you can at least visit Hawaiian Noir (, author Mark Troy’s blog. Troy writes mysteries set mostly in Hawaii, and he posts on Mondays (Mystery Monday) and Fridays (Aloha Friday). The former is for reviews and other mystery-related matters, such as a recent discussion of the books and TV series about Honey West. The latter is where you get your virtual vacation from posts about Hawaii, like the recent ones on Hilo and Leeward Oahu.

Susan Oleksiw’s blog is One Writer’s World (, and she says she’s been writing and publishing since she was a teenager, which is an enviable accomplishment if you’re inclined to envy. She began her blog in 2009, and she usually posts weekly. I enjoyed her post on “The Social Media Quandary,” the one on “Word Usage and Abusage,” as well as the one on revisiting Agatha Christie. I think you will too.

If you’re looking for “Full coverage of all your favorite authors, and their characters, unlike anywhere else on the web!” then the link to click is the one for The Real Book Spy ( The site is devoted mostly to thrillers, and you’ll find reviews, interviews, ratings of a lot of titles, and more, including material about “authors themselves and not just their books.” It’s an entertaining site that’s always kept up to date.

No More Grumpy Bookseller ( is a review blog maintained by (you guessed it) a former bookseller. Lots of meaty reviews, regular updates, and giveaways, plus frequent lists of new releases in the crime and horror fields. The reviews are mostly of crime fiction, but other genres show up now and then. Check it out.

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